Mental Health Law

Mental health law is a specialised legal area which requires the services of experienced solicitors. J.G. Skinner and Co can advise on your rights regarding mental health law, pursuant to legislation, common law and constitutions law. 

J.G. Skinner and Co offers expert legal advice and assistance in all areas relating to mental health law, including:

  • Representation At Mental Health Tribunals

  • Judicial Review Of Unlawful Decisions

  • Advising Patients And Relatives In Relation To The Provisions Of The Mental Health Act

  • Acting In Appeals Where Mental Health Is An Issue

  • Advising Patients In Relation To Capacity Issues

For expert legal advice and support relating to mental health law in Ireland, contact J.G. Skinner and Co today.

Wards of Court

In the unfortunate case that a person loses their mental capacity, a Ward of Court may be appointed (usually a family member or next of kin) to take control of their financial affairs and other matters which may need to be dealt with for their benefit. 

The process by which someone is appointed a Ward of Court begins by submitting an application with a solicitor who will represent the client and make the case before the High Court. 

J.G. Skinner and Co can assist with the process of seeking to be appointed as a Ward of Court, offering a professional, reliable legal service with the utmost confidentiality.